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We're a Vision-Driven Consultancy.

We support social impact minded groups by combining our experience and expertise with theirs, as we work together to solve problems, seize opportunities and make positive change happen. This is achieved through collaboration, mindfulness, and best practices.
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Who We Are?


Nava means ‘beautiful sound’ in Farsi. We bring a beautiful sound to your journey.

We help to clarify the right opportunities, to identify core competencies and to act on emerging opportunities. A strategy is simply about the right resources in the right direction at the right time. Nava’s process follows functional expertise, objective opinion, and stress-testing the road map to your vision. We use equity, creativity, empathy and relational approaches.

Our clients: social entrepreneurs, cooperatives, non-profits and those in education, retail, music, multi-media and entertainment, and service providers.

How can you best use your limited resources to solve your most pressing issues? Nava helps provide powerful strategic planning and capacity building to help you get results. We know it’s easy to lose sight of what is really concerning you by being very close to the situation – where do you focus next? What’s working? Clear problem identification is key. Recognizing the gaps in the current state is a necessary link to desired goals by finding credible metrics and tools to achieve impact. Don’t let the big opportunity be missed, or worse, poorly executed.

Our Expertise

We simplify strategy. We are founders, researchers, educators, facilitators and consultants with decades of expertise. We know how systems and organizations function (from grassroots, start-ups to established groups). Where do you place your efforts? We help develop a roadmap and ensure your team has the capacity to tackle its priorities effectively.

Our Philosophy

Through human-centred capacity building, we aim for a holistic understanding. We believe in the transformative power of ideas to shape a better world. We approach social impact consulting as a profound endeavor, combining ethical reflection with actionable strategies.

At Nava Strategy, we are relentless champions of collaboration, sustainability and human-centred, strategic planning, evaluations and capacity building.

Our aim is to help you transform your goals into measurable and attainable steps. We believe in the transformative power of ideas, data, and evidence-informed approaches to shape a better world. We see this work as a profound endeavor, combining ethical reflection with actionable strategies.

To accomplish this, we support social impact groups by combining our consulting experience and expertise with theirs, as we work together to intentionally solve problems, measure impacts, seize opportunities and create positive change. This is achieved through collaboration, mindfulness, and evidence-based practices.

Our Capabilities
Set Us Apart

Nava means ‘beautiful sound’ in Farsi. We bring a beautiful sound to your journey.

Complex journeys require diverse tools. Outdated training models are no longer, the static strategy doesn’t work. Are you making the progress you want? Our team designs, executes and evaluates strategies, trainings, tools, and workflows that create meaningful and measurable change. We leave these with you to continue in a sustainable manner.

Building Capacity

We design tailored strategies and evidence-based trainings (strategic planning, EDI, anti-oppression, wellness, teamwork, communication, among others). Let’s elevate your performance.

Evidence-Based Approach

We help harness the power of data and research-backed strategies to drive your mission forward through evidence-based methodologies. Let’s elevate your decision-making.

Measuring Results

We design and use evidence-based tools, evaluations and measurement approaches to tailor success. Let’s strengthen performance, programs, strategies through through data-driven decision-making.

Our Approach

Our team of experts, educators, and founders provide an effective approach to generating and using evidence that empowers our partnership to develop practical and responsive solutions. Through collaboration and sustainability, we collaborate with non-profits, governments, social enterprises to forge strong partnerships and pave the way for enduring success. Let’s build a greater equity and justice in a more resilient world.

How we work:

1. Discovery Call

2. Kick-Off and Scope

3. Implementation

4. Iteration

Areas of Practice


Nonprofits are overworked and stretched. There is a need to track measurements and impacts without losing sight of the important work provided for clients. Unsure of outcome measurements? Testing a new initiative? Want to catalyze innovation with concrete guidance? We help to address, how a nonprofit can scale, evolve and adapt effectively.


Only 1 in 11 businesses achieve sustainable growth (Bain & Co). Scaling is not easy in a hyper-competitive market. Wanting to deliver improvements, make smart decisions or drive growth are strategic questions. We help to address how do you create value for purpose, people and planet effectively.


The way people consume and interact with art is constantly in flux. Distribution, revenue streams, customer markets, purchasing habits, and other relationships are ever evolving. The landscape is hyper-competitive. The internet and technology are so pervasive. We help to address, how to leverage the best ideas into promising opportunities.

Salomeh Ahmadi (she/her)


With an MBA and a background in the social sector, Salomeh, a college instructor, is passionate about connecting the parts to the whole in empowering ways. She works in small and fast-paced organizations, with social entrepreneurs, non-profits and creatives, providing consulting, an equity and human rights lens, strategy and training, to create positive impacts. She’s helped found groups, mentored start-ups and sat on multiple boards. She’s passionate about getting to the root to help build collaborative and sustainable solutions.

Roxy Cohen (she/her)

M.Ed., PhD Candidate in Education

A passionate facilitator who uses her education and community building background to design engaging learning experiences for diverse organizations – corporate, government, university, non-profit, and co-operative sectors. She focuses on climate leadership, co-founding Conscious Minds Co-op and Camp, and Rooted and Rising Lab. Guiding leaders and teams with deep care, she helps them discover the processes, and insights needed to foster collaborative, positive atmospheres – helping teams and leaders discover pathways to success and a more harmonious world.

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